Rediscovering artist Channing Peake—rodeo winner, rancher, and friend of Picasso

He was probably the only important 20th Century painter who ever won a major rodeo contest. But he was much more than that — a devoted rancher, a friend of Picasso, pupil of Diego Rivera, father to a large family and an artist whose creations’ variety still dazzles the mind.

Channing Peake died 25 years ago, and now there’s a new and rewarding show of his work in Solvang, not far from the 1,500 acre ranch that focused so much of his life. Appropriately, the focuses on his striking late works, many of which reflect the tumbling landscape of the surrounding Santa Ynez Valley that he loved for so long and so deeply. But it’s just a final segment of more than 50 years of his work — a life accomplishment that seems to beg for a long-overdue major retrospective in Southern California.…continue reading at rediscovering-artist-channing-peake-rodeo-winner-r/

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